Harmonizing Your Closet With The Beauty Of You

The Closet Maestro

Harmonizing Your Closet With The
Beauty Of You

Closet Maestro helps you be in harmony with what is in your closet. When your own personal style combines with what works for you on a daily basis, just about anything in your closet can be pulled out and worn with ease and joy – making room for a beautiful symphony of possibilities. 

What if the right plan for your closet and clothing could make all the difference in the world to how you dress, feel and show up as you? 



Consultation and rework of your closet to identify garments which fit and flatter your figure. Get ready to toss, tailor or donate.


If you already have great style, but would like to outfit yourself with options, this could be right up your closet. 


Hit the high notes with a seasonal or overall style tweak based on what is trending. 


Roseann Brust

Roseann helps women of all body types, tastes and budgets feel better about themselves by feeling great in their clothes.

What The Clients Say

"Roseann with The Closet Maestro is incredible! I have had other people come and help me organize my closet before, but not like Roseann. It is way more than just organizing your stuff. It involves a huge emotional part of why you have the things you do. Roseann helped me understand this and so much more! It was a very liberating and freeing experience. She is the best!"

Peg Crew

"Roseann is a lifesaver. I had fallen into the bad habit of keeping all my clothing and shoes long past their usefulness, with the excuses of 'I paid too much for them' and 'there is nothing wrong with them' or 'maybe someday I will wear them again'. Of course I never would wear them again, and I really needed the guidance and encouragement of a professional to help me streamline my closet. Now, when I enter my closet, all items are up-to-date, fit well and tops and bottoms are well coordinated. Besides more space, the lifted feeling I get by  knowing all dated items are removed is immeasurable. I can’t recommend Roseann enough.  You will love her, and love the results."

Linda Castle, Decorated Designs

"Roseann helped me realize I was holding on to clothing that had sentimental value and from younger phases of my life. She showed me what looks good on my body and introduced me to the beauty of gorgeous shoes. I can totally embrace the successful business owner that I am now that I have a wardrobe that actually works with and for me."

Carrie Qualters, Real Estate Consultant - Red Door Atlanta

What Makes Closet Maestro Different

Your own personal style is important. Though, you may be dealing with the daily stress of feeling like you have nothing to wear when your closet is actually full of clothes. Clearing out what you don't wear is a great start to getting the most out of what you do have. From there, clothing that works can be added to enhance and harmonize with the beauty of you.

From sentimental value to our illusion of what works  — there are a lot of reasons we tend to hold on to clothing that we no longer wear. Roseann can help walk through what is required in your life, what you have and what could be added to enhance your own natural style.

The goal is to take the burden of closet overwhelm off of your shoulders. From there, you can walk tall and strut your stuff with style and ease! Plus, what if you could  have fun with it all? Who says happiness can't be an extension of walking tall, strutting your stuff and embracing a style that is all yours? Is that not true beauty?